RFIV — Open yourself to enlightment!

In the darkest hour in the valley of dipping alts and rekt cex traders, comes a bright trickle of hope.

A warm light of unknown origin, yet present and deeply touching.
Its a reflection of the bright days, that flourished your wallets.

Inspired by success and spiral of hype, learning from previous flaws — a new baby, one of its kind, is born.

Meet REFLECTIV, a wealth redistribution token with passive yield generating contract.

Wen moon, wen moon? — You might ask
Well, the moon is here, just follow the light and let the reflection lead you to oblivion.

Here you would normally find all the bs about revolutionary ideas and defi innovation, but its not a regular copy paste fork.
Its a fork that is destined to set new heigher highs and higher low, in a soundful parade celebrating never ending green.

Reflect was an innovative ERC-20 token that aimed to redefine the concept of yield generation in DeFi. However, it can be improve by reducing the total supply thus raising the yield generated by the 1% transaction fee.
Percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the current percentage of RFIV holding / total amount in circulation.

Presale details :

Hard Cap : 50 Eth

Price : 1,000 RFIV/ 1 ETH

Min purchase: 1 ETH only (don’t send less or more, contract will reject the transaction)

Listing price : same as presale price with 45,000 RFIV and 45 ETH

Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xd6055c0d88c17db6240d3c52dff5539d69a4aea8


  • Total supply: 100,000 RFIV (fixed problem)
  • Presale: 50,000 RFIV
  • Uniswap initial liquidity: 45,000 RFIV
  • Team: 5,000 RFIV
  • Launch Date: December 09 at 8 PM UTC

Funds allocation

  • Initial liquidity: 45 ETH
  • Team: 5 Eth

Quick Facts

  • Symbol: RFIV
  • Initial listing Price: 1000 RFIV / 1 ETH
  • Total Supply: 100,000
  • Listing Date: When hardcap is reach

Open yourself to enlightment